Crock Pot Lasagna: Good, but I messed up.


So there has a been a really yummy recipe going around on Pinterest for Crock Pot Lasagna.  It enticed me to try it.  We like lasagna.  Well, scratch that, we like pasta in general.  I try not to eat a lot of carbs, but we do indulge every once in a while on them.  Here is the pic floating around on Pinterest:

Well, it is one of several pics I have seen.  Here is the link for the recipe:

Overall, it was a super easy recipe.  I made it all up, put it in the refrigerator to cook the next day while we were at work.  I know the directions say to cook for 4-5 hours on low.  Well, we are gone for longer than that at work.  I figured it would not be a big deal.  It was 😦

The lasagna was over cooked, but not past the point of not being edible.  We again threw out the extras.  I would repeat this recipe, but only if only have 4 hours to cook it.  At that point though, I may as well just cook it in the oven.  It was a lot of prep to cook it in the crock pot.  I will give it a shot with this recipe, but in the oven.

This recipe made me wonder if I could get a time for my crock pot (to have it turn on at a certain time).  I know there Crock Pots that have a timer already, but when I have a perfectly fine, usable one, I can’t justify the cost.  My next one will have a timer (and a locking lid for that matter).


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